Film Industry-mafia Nexus Still Worries Tollywood

Films, politics, land deals and mafia … these four are inextricably intertwined. The celebrities and politicos invest in land and that’s where the mafia enters the fray. Many a time, film personalities themselves turn into mafia agents and fix the deals. The nexuses get deeper and deeper with mafia investing in films.

Remember a few years ago, a faction action mafia created a major scale in Tollywood? A star heroine was then threatened by a mafia and a big-time producer was questioned by the cops in this connection.

Later, the Tollywood was embroiled in drugs and sex trade controversies. Of late, gangsterism has come down a bit in Tollywood. But, one of the gangsters with deep Tollywood links has occupied huge chunks of land including some hillocks in Hytech City, Gachibowli and Khajaguda. It was also said that the members of these gangs have also occupied some chunks in Madhapur and Ayyappa Society. Interestingly, there are reports that some family members of the gangster are still living in Ayyappa Society area. There were also strong rumours that politicians and gangsters have done settlements in a big way in Ayyappa Society and most of them are illegal lands.

Currently, the TRS government has developed the Khajaguda and Biopark area. The city police headquarters is near Inorbit Mall. Similarly, Ikea multiplex is also located in the same area. Several illegal land deals and mafia involvement in this area are the hottest topics of discussion among the interested sections. The latest is that the Government has snatched away some lands belonging to one such controversial gangster.