Has Hanu made the same mistake?

Many a time, highly talented directors take lot of time in etching the film. They spend months together to fine chisel the movie. Due to this, the working days will rise and the cost escalates. Usually, the budget goes for a toss. Young director Hanu Raghavapudi seems to belong to this category.

That he is talented is very clear from the output of Andala Rakshasi and Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gatha. In both the films, the the director overshot the budget. While Andala Rakshasi was a financial flop, Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gatha barely managed to cross the line.

But, Hanu’s third film Lie was a disaster. The collectons were not even a half of the budget.  With most of the film shot in the US, the budget overshot. It touched Rs 40 crore mark. The producers suffered huge losses as a result. After Lie, prestigious production house like the 14 Reels Entertainment did not make another movie.

Now the buzz is that the same thing has happened with Padipadi Leche Manasu. The film’s budget touched Rs 30 crore and with the interest amount, it could touch Rs 35 crore mark. Despite the craze surrounding Sharwanand and Saipallavi, the film may not be able to garner that amount. Isn’t it time that Hanu learns the art of sticking to the budget? Otherwise, he would soon be forgotten in the industry.