Here’s why Sai Pallavi doesn’t want to marry

Fidaa girl Sai Pallavi is in the prime of her career and offers are deluging her. Fidaa in Telugu and Premam in Malayalam catapulted her to the pinnacle. She is the most sought after heroine in both Telugu and Tamil. She has proved herself as one of the best actors down south.

But, there is one strange thing about Sai Pallavi. She doesn’t want to marry. She is afraid of being away from her parents, especially her father, whom she loves most. She wants to be with her parents and serve them. She is afraid that marriage may rob her of this and she may be required to stay with the in-laws. Sai Pallavi does not want to go away from her parents. It is because of this that she had decided not to marry anyone. She wants to serve her parents in their old age. So, Sai Pallavi does not want to marry.
Let someone go to her  and convince her that one can take care of the parents even after getting married.