House Surgeons Short Film – Mixture Of Pun, Jibe

The adage that doctors are seen next to God always stands true as they hold the power to save a life. Well, ‘House Surgeons’ short film doesn’t have a didactic tone but carries a sarcastic tinge that talks of varied elements that go unnoticed about the surgeons.

Written and directed by KVS Gautham, carries the tagline that “all doctors must watch” takes a dig how the house surgeons are treated, and the meagre amount they are paid. Shot over 20-minutes, it gives us insights what goes in the preparation and the mental agony for a house surgeon, it talks from the struggles they face to get their due rights. Notably, it also raises the threat they face from public despite working at odd times.
‘House Surgeons’ is not preachy but it succeeds in putting its messages in a hilarious way with thoughtfulness.

Watch the short film and do let us know your take in the comments section below:

House Surgeons Latest Telugu Short Film