I’m Not A Virgin, Says This Young Hero

After a slew of biggest flops, young hero Raj Tarun is back into the limelight again. Raj Tarun, who tonsured his hair during the release of ‘Lover,’ suddenly went underground. He did not meet anyone. After a long gap, he has come back to the public life with a tweet. He answered the queries of his fans.

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During the course of the chat, Raj Tarun made the stunning revelation that he was not a virgin. Though affairs are common in the filmdom, no one exposes them by themselves. But, Raj Tarun proved to be an exception. When asked about his closeness with Hebah Patel, he said she was among his best friends but there was nothing more as imagined by the media.

Admitting that he made some wrong career movies, Raj Tarun said Rangula Ratnam was his worst movie. This movie, released during last Sankranthi, was a dud. Interestingly, he did not talk about Raju Gadu and Lover, which were even bigger disasters. He did not reveal much about his future films, though it is being rumoured that he has two projects on hand.

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