Is Nagarjuna not interested in Bigg Boss offer?

Nagarjuna is not an easy to please a person and lately, he did make sure that he gets to the bottom of everything he is offered to make the deal.

He is now doing the same with Bigg Boss show hosting offer also, it seems. After looking at what Bigg Boss season 2 did to Nani and his image, Nag wants to know what are the plans of the show producers and how do they plan to tackle issues it seems, like Kaushal Manda controversy!

Once, he gets assurances and also the remuneration, he will sign the deal, it seems. The show is said to be going for highly popular TV celebrities like Srimukhi, Ravi and several others this time around.

We have to wait and see if those rumours will be true? Tamil Bigg Boss producers confirmed the return of Kamal Hassan as host and Nag or Venky could host Telugu version, mostly we hear Nag is going to do it! Let’s wait until next week for confirmation.

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