Is RRR coming in the way of Bigg Boss season 3?

The fans are eager to see NTR back at the help of affairs for Bigg Boss show. NTR too seems to be interested to do the project.
Rajamouli's RRR Shooting details
But, the bulk dates given to Rajamouli’ s RRR are proving to be the biggest stumbling blocks. NTR is said to have given over 200 days for the film. Of these, 25 days have been used for shooting and 175 days still remain. Moreover, ensemble cast in RRR would only entail that there would be many date adjustments. So, this might affect the Bigg Boss shoot.
NTR is said to prefer Rajamouli’s project rather than the Bigg Boss. But the team has not given up  and is still trying to rope him in.
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