Is this Puri Jagan’s comeback film?

Puri Jagan is cocksure that Ismart Shankar will put his career back on rails. He is confident that this is going to be his comeback film. He prepared this story with his son Akash Puri in view and it has all the elements that make it a typical Puri fare. But, he gave in to the suggestions that this film should have a branded hero. So, roped in Ram despite budgetary issues.

Ismart Shankar Helps Puri Jagannadh’s Career??

Sources say this film will have a Pokiri-like stunning twist at the end. The film will have commercial values and Puri-mark dialogues. The storyline too has loads and loads of novelty. The hero’s characterisation is so very crazy, sources say.

Sources say Ram couldn’t say no purely because of the storyline. He has set aside other stories, that he had okayed and opted for Puri’s story. Sources say Ram’s body language, diction and performance would be the biggest assets for the film. But, wags are wondering if this just hype or the hard truth?