Why is actress hiding her face?

Why is actress Jacqueline Fernandez hiding her face? This is a million dollar question for not just paparazzi but netzines as well as to why the Sri Lankan beauty was hiding her face.

Jacqueline is known for her jovial and media-friendly always poses for the shutterbugs, however, this time the actress was hiding her face with a cloth wrapped all around her head leaving room for her eyes only to walk. This has left many wonders as to why the actress did pondering over life is she suffering from ay rash or hiding her look for a film.

A photo-journalist says, “We didn’t understand why she was not showing her face. Maybe she had a rash or something on the face, or maybe she has a new hairstyle for her new film project that she did not want to reveal at this juncture. But she was covering the face completely, with enough space only for her to see and walk to her car. Even as her car moved away, she was holding the cloth to cover her face to prevent any picture of her entire face from being taken”