Mahanubhavudu Review

Release Date
September 29, 2017

Mahanubhavudu is one film which has been talked about a lot in the recent times. The film which is directed by Maruthi and has Sharwa as the main lead has released today. Read on to see how it is.



The film is based on the story of a young called a young man played by Sharwa who has OCD problems. He falls in love with his colleague(Mehrene) but with a small fight regarding his cleanliness, he breaks up with her. How does he get back to win his lady love back is the crux of the story.



Sharwa is undoubtedly the star of the film as the entire film is based on him and he is in every scene. He looks neat, carries the entire punches on him and also does superb justice to the role. His pairing with Mehrene looks good and Sharwa did a fabulous job with his performance.


Mehrene is lovely but performance wise, she needs to improve a lot. Baddam, the comedian did a superb job in the film as Jiddesh. Vennela Kishore once again shines in his comedy which rips apart the second half. Nasser is okay and so was the supporting cast.


Overall analysis and Technical overview:

The first half of the film has neat narration as Maruthi nicely establishes the character of the person with OCD. One of the drawbacks of the film is that it is highly predictable as there is nothing much novelty in the narration.


Special mention should go t Thaman for his beautiful music. All his songs are very good and look even better on screens. The second half is where all the fun begins as Maruthi makes sure that there are good comedy and enough family emotions.


What clicks with the film is the clean comedy which has been placed well and we suggest you take your entire family to watch this film.


One line verdict

Perfect festival watch

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Average Critics Rating: 3
Total Critics:2


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