Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans start a different fan war!

Nandamuri fans in Telugu Cinema have a reputation to not get along with any other fan base and fight about collections, remuneration, 100 days centres and other personal things. But Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans have been keeping it completely up to films for a long time.

They too started getting personal with each other and now, with Maharshi both of them have started fighting about who is more socially aware of both the big stars of Cinema. Pawan Kalyan fans are saying that Pawan is the real Maharshi.

Mahesh fans are countering it by saying that Mahesh is silent but highly aware of social issues. He is using his image to give good messages that are acceptable to society. And they are also saying that he is doing what he preaches and he is not into politics even when his family members are in it.

Mahesh fans are also saying that Pawan is just acting in real life and he is going back on everything he ever said. Well, both the sides are making good points but the two actors don’t really enjoy or encourage such a thing.