Mahesh Babu miffed with senior producer

Superstar Mahesh Babu is known for his professionalism. And when big names are involved with Mahesh Babu then it is expected for others to maintain professionalism and being meticulous. However, an unprofessional attitude of a top producer left Mahesh Babu miffed. And we’re talking about none other than Ashwini Dutt of Vyjanthi Films, who is considered as the top and revered producers in the TFI.

Mahesh vows not to work with Ashwini Dutt

The buzz is that Mahesh is miffed to an extent that he has vowed not to work with Ashwini Dutt hereafter. It was Ashwini Dutt who was on board as the producer of Maharshi, later Dil Raju joined the team and took over the majority of financial stake. The reason for the fall out is said to be that Ashwini Dutt has asked for a major distribution territory, Krishna, to be given to him. The source says, “Dutt has hardly any financial stakes in Maharshi. His demands are absurd and will collapse in a  heap of ridicule in any court of law, as his stakes in the film are clearly stated in the contract”.

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“Although only Ashwini was responsible for the production of the film in its initial stage, Dil Raju came on board eventually and took over most of the production’s financial responsibilities. Now, when the film is almost ready, Ashwini is making demands that he isn’t really entitled to be making,” a source said.

Mahesh, Dil Raju likely to take a legal route 

Apparently, with unreasonable demands of Ashwini Dutt, Mahesh and Dil Raju are mulling over to take a legal route if the producer doesn’t budge.


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