Actress Confessed To Husband About Director’s Vulgar Behaviour

Me Too reports on filmmaker Sajid Khan doesn’t seem to die down as former Miss Universe and actress Lara Dutta’s husband Mahesh Bhupathi, a celebrated Tennis player, opened up how once her wife told about Sajid Khan’s rude and vulgar behaviour. “When we were dating she was shooting for Housefull and we were in London at that time. She would come home and her closest friend was her hairdresser and they both would be complaining about how one of her co-stars was being treated by the director. Rude, vulgar,” he said.

Mahesh Bhupathi Lara Told Him About Sajid’s Rude Behaviour

Bhupathi went on to say that Lara and others are complicit to the coercive environment by not raising their voices against Sajid. “I told her you guys are all complicit, all the four of you who were in the film (and) were listening to what he was saying and not telling him it’s not ok. So at some level you guys are complicit and she agreed,” he said.

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