Malayali actress asked to compromise, gives kickass reply

In a shocking development, a noted Malayali actress Sajitha Madathil was asked to “adjust” and “compromise”. The actress, however, gave a kickass reply rather than being meek and submissive. Exposing the man, who identifies himself Karthik, an assistant director in Tamil industry,  Sajitha put out a Facebook post also revealing that his phone number.

“The call came on Monday asking me details about my films and after a while came the unexpected statement – ‘are you ready for compromises and adjustments?’. This was a shock to me,” said Sajitha.

She added, “Later, through someone known to me, he said he is prepared to apologise, and also said I was mistaken. I made my stand clear and said I wish to know the reason why he is apologizing to which I got no response.”

“At the moment I am busy with other things, and I have not given a thought on what my next move should be with regards to this behavior, which is not at all acceptable,” she concluded.