Manchu Manoj cleverly changes his word!

Earlier today, Manchu Manoj shocked everyone when he tweeted that his next film will be his last in his career as an actor. Hell broke loose and everyone in the media started making such a hue and cry about this sudden decision of Manoj. 
But in the evening Manoj cleverly changed his word and said that he did this only because he wanted to announce the title of his film in a funny way and no one wanted to see that.  
Manoj said “Wow! Didn’t expect such an overwhelming response/criticism from media darlings for my tweet. Everyone really took a different turn!. I had plans to announce my next movie in my own style, but it didn’t go down the right way, did it? Looks like I’d have to wait for things to cool off today before making an official announcement about my next movie. Om Shanti ??????