Manmadhudu 2 Review – Passable entertainer

Release Date
August 9, 2019

Direction: Rahul Ravindran

Cast: Nagarjuna, Rakul Preet, Lakshmi, Vennela Kishore, Rao Ramesh

Music Composer: Chaitan Bharadwaj

Cinematographer: M. Sukumar

Editor: Chota K. Prasad

Producer Nagarjuna Akkineni

Rahul Ravindran proved his directorial skill with his first film, Chi La Sow for which he won many accolades. Now he is back with Nagarjuna starrer Manmadhudu 2, a rom-com which appears to be a complete laugh-riot taking from its predecessor templates, Manmadhudu, released in 2002. So has this film lived up to the expectations of Manmadhudu or the remake of a French film I Do fail to impress the audience.


Sam (Nagarjuna) along with his mother and her mother sisters stay in Portugal. They are a small close-knit family. Everything seems easy-going for Sam who enjoys his single status. Sam purposefully keeps himself distant from a relationship as he had met with broken heart, hence he only believes in one-night stand., But things become upside down when his family pressurised him to get married considering the biological clock ticking. To avoid the situation he makes Rakul act as his finance and give him a ditch on the wedding day. But things turn topsy turvey when his plan goes haywire., What happens next is the story…


Nagarjuna even as a 60-year-old slays in his role. From his dialogue delivery to mouthing one-liners, Nag appears breezy. Then comes lead actress Avantika who makes the narration interesting with her presence. Other artistes Lakhsmi and Jhansi were good in their given roles. But the show steales is Vennle Kishore and Rao Ramesh. While Rao Ramesh doesn’t have much presence, but given the meagre one, he makes the best of it. On the other side, Vennela Kishore carries the entire movie run on his shoulders. We could possibly be no wrong in saying that Vennela Kishore is the saving grace.


Manmadhudu 2 is the remake of Frech film I Do. The film storyline has nothing novel to say, as the plot has been used in many films before. But how best Rahul Ravindran puts this film best apart from other in the presentation was to be seen. Sadly, Rahul fails in the screenplay. The way he came up with organic screenplay in Chi La Sow, he fails to knead it in Manmadhudu 2. The first half seems good with comedy. Speaking about the second half, things fall flat at a slow pace. But overall the film is okayish with Vennela Kishore standing out with his comedy.


Feelgood movie with hilarious elements but a passable one who expect more.

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Manmadhudu 2 Review - Passable entertainer
Rating: 2.75/5