Naga Babu taunts, teases Balayya Babu again

Mega family’s Nagababu seems still ready to tease and taunt Balayya Babu. After commenting during a Facebook like that he does not know who Balakrishna is, he has again said that the only Balakrishna he knows is a comedian who acted along with legendary NTR. After Nagababu, his son Varun Tej too passed a couple of snide comments against Balayya.

It is clear that Nagababu is targeting Balayya Babu. The latest is that he has posted a video of a kid singing ‘Saare Jahan Se Accha’ song. He is indirectly trying to remind how Balayya Babu fumbled and missed lines while singing the song during the recent elections.

This is nothing but an attempt to troll and taunt Balakrishna. But, why is Nagababu targeting Balayya Babu? What peeved him so much?