Nagarjuna set to work for Manmathudu 2

Nagarjuna hasn’t announced any film this year so far. But, now it emerges that Nag is back to what he does best. He is going to do a film in the romantic genre. Though he has a couple of alternatives, he preferred the tried and tested romantic genre. The project is titled Manmathudu 2.

The film is being directed by Rahul Ravindran of Chi La Sau fame. Rahul vouches that Manmathudu 2 has nothing to do with the first film. He says the film was so named because it’s a romantic subject and because the film’s title has greater recall value.

The film would be launched on March 12 and the first schedule would be in Portugal. There are two heroines in the movie. One of them is Payal Rajput, while the second heroine is yet to be decided. There’s only one worrying thing. Nag is barely a few months away from turning 60. Though he has a fab body, the face shows clear signs of ageing. He is unable to hide the advancing age. Devadas has shown this. So, will a romantic genre work for him at this stage?