What’s this senior hero’s biggest worry?

Nagarjuna’s biggest worry today is not his businesses, but his offsprings’ career. Naga Chaitanya looked quite settled, but of late his career has begun to flounder. As for Akhil, the less said the better. Even Bellamkonda Srinivas, who came with no star value, is doing better than Akhil. Akhil is struggling hard to get a foothold.

Nagarjuna Worried About His Sons Career

A hero should be launched with an ace director. Mahesh Babu was launched by a big director like Raghavendra Rao. Cherry was launched by Puri Jagan, who was a star director then. But, when Akhil was launched, it was VV Vinayak. VV wasn’t already down career wise. It was then said that Nag opted for VV because his remuneration was low compared to someone like Trivikram.
He did not do it even for the second film. In fact, he needed director’s image to pad up Akhil. But, Nag opted for other director, who came cheap. Now, he is facing trouble for this. Akhil’s career is down in the dumps.
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