Nani to show four shades for Vikram

Natural Star Nani is currently busy with sports drama Jersey, which is being director Jersey. Soon after this, he would work with Vikram Kumar. The pre-production work for this project is going on full throttle.

Insiders say Nani’s role would leave fans mesmerised The film shows him in four different shades. He would be seen in different ages like a 19-year-old, 25-year-old, 40-year-old and a 50 plus man. This film is inspired by Hollowood hit “The Curious Case of Benzamin Button.’ This is proving to be a real challenging role for Nani, where he needs to portray different emotions in different ages. Hence, Nani opted for the film.

Vikram being a brilliant film-maker and a top-notch craftsman, Nani’s role is being etched in the best possible manner. So, this talented director will bring out the best in Nani with this film.