Nikhil’s film postponed again 

Young hero Nikhil badly needs a hit. His last hit was Ekkadiki Potavu Chinnavada. After this, Keshav had a lukewarm reception, but Kirrak Party was a huge flop. Now he is remaking Tamil hit Ganidan. Santhosh, who did the Tamil original, is directing this film too. The film is titled ‘Mudra.’

One expected Nikhil to complete this film quickly and release it. Though three tentative release dates were given, the release was postponed everytime.  The latest release date is December 28, but till now there are no signs of film promotion. This is giving rise to doubts as to whether the film will release on time.

If this gets delayed further, it can release only in February due to Sankranthi and Republic Day film release rush.  February end is considered off-season. The audience footfalls will be fewer and it will be a recipe for a disaster. Is it a case or wrong career planning? Buck up Nikhil, do it fast.