No More Multi-starrers, Says This Young Hero

Multi-starrers may be the flavor of the season, but this hero is firmly saying no to multi-starrers. This young hero has a lot of fan craze and churned out hit after hit. He is now known as a minimum guarantee hero.

He had recently done a mult-starrer with a senior hero. The film deeply disappointed not just his fans, but the hero himself. After this fiasco, he has decided not to do multi-starrers anymore. He recently rejected an offer to work with another hero. He told the producer to come with a solo hero subject. He give a big thumbs down for the story with two heroes.

The young hero is heard telling his friends that the multi-starrer he had done had equal footage for both the heroes. But, as the days went by, the script changed under pressure from the senior actor and the young hero’s role got increasingly reduced. He now feels that multi-starrers’ outcome is not what is usually promised and that he should not do anymore multi-starrers. The hero is currently busy with three projects. Needless to say, all of them are solo hero films.