No producers for Ram-Puri Jagan film

At a time when no hero worth the name is ready to give dates to flop director Puri Jagan, hero Ram has not just agreed to work with him, but also gave his dates. Ram’s paternal uncle and producer Sravanthi Ravi Kishore isn’t liking this one bit. He feels working with Puri Jagan is a wrong decision as none of his recent films has clicked.

Puri Jagan’s Double Role For His Next With Ram

Finally, he has opted out of the project leaving Ram to fend for himself. As a result, Ram had to scout for other producers. But with his attempts coming to a naught, director Puri Jagan himself has taken upon himself the task of producing the film. So, Puri will both produce and direct this film. It remains to be seen if Puri Jagan focuses on story-telling and production values in this film.

Of late, his chips are down and most of his recent films have flopped badly.