Opinion: Is Kangana being blackmailed?

Udhav Thackeray spoke on the video yesterday on the Covid situation in Maharashtra but refrained from talking about Kangana or Sushant Singh Rajput death probe, the reporter of Republic TV who is still in police custody or Madan Sharma who was brutally assaulted by the Sena goons. It was a clear attempt to deflect, divert the attention of the State. The social media is agog with rumours and people kind of know that the Chief Minister is hiding the truth, he is afraid of something as the media already hinted at his son Aditya Thackeray being involved in a big scandal. When Kangana met the Governor yesterday to tell him that she feels unsafe and spoke about her office demolition, the news that evidence against her is being gathered from social media about her involvement in the consumption of drugs. A video goes viral in which the clip of the actress can be seen opening up about how she ran away from home and the obstacles she faced on her journey to stardom in the Hindi film industry. In the process she even reveals how she got addicted to drugs, how she was administered etc.

Udhav Thackera KanganaThis is no secret and she had told this on television too. Now the Sena is in the process of filing a case on her and is pulling out every small negative stuff that they can lay their hands on. There was a time when she was dating Adhyayan Suman (Shekar Suman’s son) and he tells a media personnel that Kangana did drugs and even told him to do it. Adhyayan recently released a video to leave him out of this, and that the interview was very old, the relationship lasted for a short time. Now the Sena is taking this as a proof to seek vengeance. They are clearly upset at the language that Kangana used to address the CM and also for saying that Mumbai is beginning to feel like PoK. Everyone can read through this. Kangana has threatened to reveal a lot more. Udhav Thackeray is scared that his son’s political career will be finished if his name is taken officially by the investigative agencies. So their top agenda is to blackmail Kangana and stop her from revealing big names that would shake not only Bollywood but the government too.

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