Opinion: Rakul is clueless, confused, scared

Rakul Preet Singh gets second summons from NCB as she did not appear for the questioning. The actress probably thinks that NCB is a producer and she can play truant, give some excuse or the other. This is not some film shooting where you can cite a flimsy reason like falling sick or not seeing a message on the phone. Reports say that Rakul is in Vikarabad shooting but it is strange how either her family or her legal team claim she hasn’t got any summons. It was also sent via digital medium to others as well as her, which she cannot deny. Few days ago she took time off to file a petition in the high court and attempted to gag the media. It didn’t work, she and her friends found themselves in a tight spot when the NCB again revealed her name was disclosed along with a few others by the accused and she would be called for questioning soon.

If Rakul hasn’t consumed, procured, or pedalled drugs, she shouldn’t worry and face the NCB boldly and cooperate with them as NIA too has stepped in to interrogate. The issue is not only about Kwan and Rhea but also Sushant Singh’s suspicious death and the government is trying to unearth all the muck. Some news channels say that she is in touch with Karishma, Deepika Padukone and is trying to erase digital evidence. But how does that help? It is a minute’s work for the CBI to retrieve the erased chat, which is how Richa and Company are in jail now. Is Rakul being protected by some big man in the Telugu film industry? Does she have any connections with peddlers? Nothing can be hidden now, as the NCB, NIA is looking into the matter. As a law abiding citizen, she should protect her reputation if any by presenting herself in front of the Narcotics Control Board. The issue is serious and concerns the future of the young generation and the country.

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