Opinion: Rhea’s lawyer turns desperate

If this isn’t double standards of Mumbai cops and travesty of justice, then what is it? The Mumbai police has lot of explanation to do, they never filed a FIR after Sushant’s family filed a complaint and asked for help but within a few hours, they registered a FIR as soon as Rhea stepped in and spent six hours helping her with the paperwork. It is a desperate attempt by team Rhea even before she is arrested and moments after that her advocate texted the media, “her only fault was that she was in love with a drug addict’.

Rhea’s lawyer calls SSR a drug addict even as the probe is on. She has been charged with criminal conspiracy and abetment and in the fight for justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, it is a big victory. Big victory is because, Mumbai and Bollywood has become a home for supply and consuming, transportation of drugs to the rest of the country as well, supported by an international mafia. The NCB was here for six months and they plunged into action and did a spectacular job of eliciting information and nabbing the peddlers. The media had a big role to play which was relentless in its campaign; There is more to come in the country’s drive to clean India.

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