PadMan Installs Sanitary Pad Vending Machine In Mumbai

Love has the power to change the world, and this has happen with PadMan. In the country where talking about the women menstrual issue is considered as taboo, but with the PadMan release, today the entire nation is openly discussing about periods especially in rural India. All thanks to actor Akshay Kumar, who made this possible.

Taking the PadMan to the next level Akshay has installed a sanitary pad vending machine in Mumbai Central ST bus stand in Mumbai.

Akshay, took to Twitter on Thursday to share a photograph of him along with Shiv Sena leader Aaditya Thackeray inaugurating the vending machine.

“Placed a sanitary pad vending machine at Mumbai Central ST Bus Depot today, hoping to place more across the State and eventually hopefully the whole country. Thank you @AUThackeray for your support.”

Thackeray thanked Akshay for always being an inspiration to do good! he tweeted.And their mission have reached in the 100 club.

And on the Lover’s day message Akshay tweeted: Don’t forget to buy all the Women in your life Pads as well as Candies, Chocolates & Flowers this Valentines Day, Celebrate Her.

Pad Man is based on the life of social entrepreneur and activist Arunachalam Muruganantham, who invented a low-cost sanitary napkin making machine.