Pahlaj Nihalani hits back at Kangana over her ‘undergarments’ remarks

Kangana Ranaut trained her guns at Pahlaj Nihalani stating that he had offered her soft-porn sort of character where she was asked to do a photo shoot for his film I Love You Boss without undergarments.  Reacting to Kangana’s allegations, Pahlaj Nihalani hit back at Manikarnika actress calling her a liar and a thankless person.  “I have not forced her to do anything. Whether you wear undergarments or not, it is not my job to look at it. That is her call, how she is going to do the shoot. I was not present there, so how can she name me?” he said.

Stating how her much talked about photoshoot helped Kangana in getting offers, he said, “I spent Rs 80 lakh on publicity. She was highlighted in the picture. With that publicity, which I did, she came into the limelight and producers began approaching her. That’s how she got Gangster”.

“I helped her sign another film when she was under an exclusive contract. She is a thankless person. Whoever she has worked with, she has fought with everyone. She is not a cool person to work with. She doesn’t deserve anything that she got,” he added.