Paruchuri Gopala Krishna advise to Pawan over ‘three’ words

Noted film writer Paruchuri Gopala Krishna has advised Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan over his three words. During an event, Paruchuri opened up on Pawan Kalyan stating that he is a die-hard fan and admirer of Jana Sena chief. He went on to state that Pawan’s three words used by him recently had upset him.

Pawan during his speech had used ‘I am pained’, ‘I am scared’, and ‘I am vexed’. Speaking on this, Paruchiri said that Pawan is a leader of masses hence he had used such words. It’s the quality of a comrade to be empathetic.  “Pawan is scared because he is selfless and is worried that something untoward might happen to the people.  However, I would advise Pawan not to say that he is vexed,” said Paruchuri.

“Pawan has chosen a path strewn with thorns even though he has the opportunity to live a luxurious life.  Only individuals with high ideals can be like this,” he added asking Pawan not to derail and disheartened even people cause impediments to him.