#PawanLeaks: Pawan ruined actresses life, says this actress

A few days back Poonam Kaur again made the headlines after she lodged complaint with Hyderabad Cyber Crime over the audio clips that were leaked infamously known as #PawanLeaks. The audio clips were leaked a month ago, but Poonam came to know recently. She adds that it was her cousin who brought those clips to her notice. Explaining the trauma she went through, Poonam says, “My cousins called to alert me about this audio clip, that too on Baisakhi day. When I heard them, I was shocked. How can someone play with my life like this and make me a scapegoat? I had to take a stand and put an end to this nonsense, and so I lodged a complaint with the cyber crime. I asked the cops to pull down all the audio clips which were titled #PawanLeaks and linked to me”.

In the leaked audio clips, Poonam is seen talking to one Koti, where she has accused Pawan, his close associate filmmaker, Trivikam Srinivas. She is heard saying how Pawan not only ruined her life but other nearly six to seven actresses, who have proof but have remained silent.

Talking to a leading daily, Poonam accusing Pawan said, “Pawan Kalyan has no guts to face me. Even if I don’t speak out, let me tell you there are many people waiting to kill him. Only I can stop that. The thing is, he’s played around with not one girl; there are many. Six to seven girls are ready with proof against him. These people (Pawan supporters) don’t know about this. I don’t know when these things happened, maybe three-four years ago. But if I don’t support Kalyan, his life will be finished”.


#PawanLeaks consists of nearly 40 audio clips which mainly consists of Poonam Kaur voice accusing Pawan and his close aid Trivikram Srinvas. These clips made way to YouTube a month ago, however these were deleted later by the Cyber sleuths.