Raghavendra Rao son’s film lands in trouble

Actress Kangana Ranaut manages to stay in controversies almost for all 365 days a year. Already, she is having a spat with Alia Bhatt and family from last few days. Now, her upcoming film Mental Hai Kya has pushed her into another controversy. A portion was filed to CBFC board on the title of the film.

Indian Psychiatry Society objected the title of the film and stated that it is demeaning the people with mental disabilities. Thus, they wrote a letter to CBFC to take action on it. “We take serious objections to the title of the movie which is discriminative, stigmatising, degrading, inhumane in projecting mental disorders and people who suffer from mental disorders,” the complaint stated.

Kangana’s sister Rangoli claimed on behalf of her sister that the film will not demean the people with mental disabilities in any way. She tweeted, “On behalf of Kangana all I want to say is that everyone will be proud of ‘Mental Hai Kya’ the topic and subject she has chosen will trigger relevant talk and discussions around the stigma.” The film is directed by K. Raghavendra Rao’s son Prakash Kovelamudi. Rajkumar Rao is the lead actor in it.