Rajamouli goes silent on Twitter

Usually, Rajamouli is quite active on Twitter and is known for him mini-reviews and endorsement of films. But, of late, he seems to be keeping away from social media.  He has not responded on Telangana election results and even NTR biopic. He is not even responded to the comments by netizens.

His last tweet is dated December 6, when he tweeted “I have voted. Have you.” After this tweet, he hasn’t taken to Twitter. Before that, he tweeted on RRR and 2.0.Of late, he has begun feeling that Twitter is a waste of time.  So, though his fans may be a tad disappointed, it is a big relief for Rajamouli.

Till now, he had to respond to criticism and praises. In the event of his not responding, the trolls would ask him as to why he did not respond. So, he has managed to avoid all these in one go.