Rajinikanth 2.0 Twitter Review

Shankar’s sci-fi film 2.0  has its global release today, November 28 while it has hit the marquee for Indian audience on November 29. The film talks about the modern advancements and the widespread of mobile phones that helped the human race to surge forward. On the contrary, it also has adverse effects that slowly poisoning the making in the long run. It deals with the fight between Dr. Richard (Akshay)’s mission, Dr Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth), who again brings back robot CHitti to save the world from turbulence.

Rajinikanth 2.0 Audience Review

While noted UAE critic Umair Sandhu has dubbed the film as a sure shot blockbuster and Rajinikanth’s show all the way. We bring to you audience Twiter review.

HimeshMankad: #xclusive :#2Point0 M just finished watching #2Point0 and its far far behind from bhahubali even #Toh …film is all about of showing VFX and nothing else

Samosababa: #2point0 leaked Climax
Akshay kumar suddenly gets blasted becoz of the REDMI phones used in his body.
The End. #2Point0FromThursday

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