Rakhi Sawant flirting video, viral

Count on Rakhi Sawant to do bizarre acts. The actress is caught on camera flirting with a popular television actor Parth Samthaan. Rakhi is seen trying to do distract Parth Samthaan, but what happens next has left everyone in splits.  Parth Samthaan instead of getting lured to Rakhi’s antics concentrates on his cricket game and runs off from her. The video is viral and has left everyone amused. Check out the video here:

Previously, Rakhi had made a shocking announcement that created flutter on social media with some users calling that they have gone mad. She took to Instagram and announced she and Deepak Kalal are opting for a nude marriage so that they could save the money and help poor people of Cambodia and Somalia. We aren’t exaggerating but merely putting out what has been said. Don’t believe us? Then have a look at her Instagram statement.