Ram disappoints the U.S. distributors big time

Energetic hero has come up with a new flick Hyper which was released few days back. This commercial movie has got decent response from B, C centres but failed to attract the A centre and overseas audience. Especially in the overseas, the film might end up as a big flop.

Ram’s earlier movie Nenu Sailaja has collected around $600k in overseas and hence the buyers have shown interest in purchasing the rights of Hyper. Even 14 reels banner has a good track record in the U.S. as many of their films have grossed $1 million there. So, Hyper’s overseas rights were sold for around Rs. 2 crores. But till now the film has failed to collect Rs. 35 lakhs in the U.S. making it a huge disaster in the territory. The clichéd plot, routine comedy scenes and beaten to death formula were the reasons for Hyper’s failure in the U.S. Anyways, this film might end up the distributors in huge losses.

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