Ram Pothineni’s very Ismart choice

Hero Ram, who otherwise played lover boy roles in his earlier films, now has a makeover. He looks every inch a reckless ruffian with scruffy facial hair and devil-may-care attitude.

He is also mouthing dialogues like “Double dimak Hyderabadi – double smart’. Yes you guessed it right. All this is for his latest film with director Puri Jagan. The film cheekily titled Ismart in Hyderabadi slang Puri Jagan’s latest project. Though others have doubts about Puri Jagan due to the spate of flops he made, Ram seems to have complete confidence in him.

We all know Ram is a bundle of energy on screen. Now with Puri around, his energy levels will hit through the roof. Let’s see if both Ram and Puri Jagan rebound with this film. Both have had their share of flops.

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