Rashmika’s Daring Photoshoot!

Kannada actress Rashmika who made her debit in Chalo in Tollywood is now the most sought after actress. The actress with a slew of films in her kitty has turned as the busy bee. Meanwhile, the actress’ latest photoshoot is being hailed as a daring photoshoot.

Rashmika did a under water shoot to highlight the issues of water pollution,in particular, about Bengaluru’s Bellandur Lake which has been in news for it’s untreated toxic and chemical waste that also acts as hazardous for the citizens.

Rashmika Mandanna tweeted, “This was a photoshoot regarding awareness for the water pollution by this wonderful team.” She also added, “Well wasn’t aware of this till we had to actually go and shoot this in Bellandur lake..which like really broke my heart,and imagine few years down the line..it’s the same case everywhere else.. I’d rather not want to be in that space.. I just wanted to share.” The shoot was directed by Sanmathi D. Prasad.

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