Review – Bullets – Filthy and Aimless

Review - Bullets - Filthy and Aimless
Sunny Leone is fast losing her fame and that is the reason, she is back to doing cheesy stuff on OTT. She has done a web series called Bullets along with sultry siren Karishma Tanna. Read our review to know if this series is at least worth our time or not.
sunny leone - karishma tanna
Sunil Korade, a filthy rich son of a politician sets eyes on a model Tina(Sunny Leone). He tries to rape her but in her defense, Tina kills him. This is also the time Lolo(Karishma Tanna), who is trying evidence against the minister saves Tina, and both the girls run away from the scene. How do these bold girls fight the cops, politicians, and underworld is the story of Bullets. 
Sunil Korade
The only good thing to see in this serious was the performance of yesteryear actor Deepak Tijori who is the saving grace as the don. Sunny Leone hams to no extent and even cannot get the lipstick right. She shows off her assets for no reason and looks weird in many scenes. The makers have just kept her for just the sake of it. Karishma Tanna starts off well but her dubbing is so bad. Actions wise is good, but in many scenes, she overacts for no reason.
Karishma Tanna
The series is filled up with so many silly elements that you get sick of it. Right from the first episode, the series lacks clarity and is forced on the viewer for no reason. There is nothing going on emotionally and things are thrown at the viewer just for the sake of eye candy. Sunny Leone’s real attempts to speak Hindi is turned into a comedy. 
The methods that the women employ to bypass the security personnel of a famed cabinet minister are truly a joke on the audience. The supposedly-humourous sequence about homosexuals is done in poor taste. The girls have all the time to look glossy, romantic, enjoy things like they are on a vacation at the time when they on the run. such is the poor taste of this series which will bore you and irritate you to no extent.
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