Review : Kathalo Rajakumari

Kathalo Rajakumari is one film which has been waiting for a release date from quite some time now. The romantic drama has released today and read on to see whether it gives Rohit a hit or not.
Arjun played by Nara Rohit is a very arrogant and abusive actor who is always giving tough time to his costars. A sudden accident leaves him in despair and makes him change his nature. This new change of nature and diplomacy is not liked by him who wants to get it back at any cost. So he leaves to his native place and falls in love with a girl played by Namitha Pramod. How will Arjun get back his bad nature or will his newfound love stop it. That forms the rest of the story.

As usual, Nara Rohit shines in his role. Here he got a chance to prove his mettle in two shades and he does supremely well in both of them. He was very good in the negative role and showcased wonderful emotions. Namitha Pramod was just about okay. But the good role was done by Naga Shourya who plays hero’s co-star in the film world. His looks and performance gave a depth to the film.

Technical Aspects:-

Director Mahesh Surapaneni focused more on dialogues rather than the narration of the film. Editing work by Karthik Srinivas is just about okay. Cinematography by Naresh K Nara is good. Music by Maestro Ilayaraja for two songs was apt. Another music composer, Vishal Chandershekar did a decent job with his background score. 

Having said all this there is not much punch in the story an the proceedings give you a hard time and makes this film a boring and horrible watch this weekend.

One Line Verdict:-

No Katha No Rajakumari

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