Review: Radha

Every hero in Tollywood wants to get to the big league by doing out and out mass films. Young hero Sharwanand has tried the same with his new film Radha which is playing in the theaters now.
The story of the film is as old as my grandmother. The hero played by Sharwa is a fiery cop who takes on a evil minister eyeing for the big chair in government. Sharwa somehow goes against the man played by Ravi Kishan and challenges him that he will destroy him completely. How will he do it is the rest of the story.
This film only belongs to hero Sharwa as the young hero looks and plays his cop role amazingly. It is only because of Sharwa that the film is a bit bearable.  Lavanaya is biggest drawback of the film as she looks outdated with bad make up and styling. Ravi Kishan is routine and so we’re the other principal characters.
Overall Analysis:
Films like these are only made for making the hero saleable and take him to a place which is liked by the masses. In that zone Sharwa is super sharp and proves he can withstand a whole film with his star status. The first half has all the trademark Dabangg kind of scenes.
But when the film enters the main plot in the second half things go haywire. None of the scenes are new or have been narrated in an innovative manner.
Only Sharwa’s way of dealing the villain is a bit nice. This film will bring some money to the makers as it has a good saleable hero who is on the rise but if you see as a film it has nothing new to offer.
One line Verdict:
Fun here and there