Review – Red- A lousy thriller

Directed by: Kishore Tirumala
Produced by: Sravanthi Ravi Kishore
Screenplay by: Kishore Tirumala
Based on: Thadam by Magizh Thirumeni
Starring: Ram Pothineni, Nivetha Pethuraj, Malvika Sharma, Amritha Aiyer
Music by: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Edited by: Junaid Siddiqui
Production company: Sri Sravanthi Movies
Release date: 14 January 2021
Running time:: 146 minutes
Country: India
Language: TeluguRed Movie Review
Red is also one of the big releases this Sankranti. It is a remake of the hit Tamil film Thadam. Ram has remade it in Telugu and read our review to see if this film is worth the money or not.
Siddharth and Aditya are identical twins who do not like each other. Siddharth has a girlfriend played by Malavika Sharma whom he wants to marry. Right at the time when he decides to takes the big step, he gets arrested for a murder case which has a connection directly with Aditya who is a bad guy. Who is the culprit and how do cops crack this case is the whole movie review
There are many actors who played the role of cops but none of them are okay. Biggest joke is Nivetha Pethuraj playing a cop and she does not look one bit confident in her part. She has the most screentime but is a bad choice. Even her body language is very dull. Sampath is routine as the cop. Nivetha Pethuraj
Vennela Kishore shines in his tiny role. Malavika Sharma is very good in her small role. Coming to Ram, he is the only solace of Red with his impressive act. Such roles are a cakewalk for Ram and if not for him, this film would have been even worse. Ram just sleepwalks in his role.
For any thriller to click, there should be a gripping screenplay but that is the worst part of Red. It is neglected by director Kishore Tirumala as his inexperience in handling such a genre is clearly visible. The film has no motive as the scenes are revealed only for the sake of it. red movie review
What in the world were the makers thinking to delay the story for such a long time. The film is close to two and half hours which itself is a disaster here. Upon this, the investigation which is a key to the film is neglected. So many top cops and a lawyer are involved in the case but none of them manage to crack the case. 
red movie review
Such is the situation of this film which is dull and boring. The songs are dull, production values are cheap, and mostly the entertainment is missing. In a nutshell, Red is missing all the ingredients that a thriller should have and only solace is Ram. So, the choice is yours to watch the film or not.
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