Review: Vasuki

Lady oriented films are the toast of the season and the new film in this category is Vasuki. Starring Nayanatara, read on to see how this film turns out to be.

Vasuki played by Nayanthara gets raped by some criminally minded youngsters in her flat. This leaves her devastated and she decides to take revenge on them. But she cannot do this alone and she takes the help of a female cop who is in disguise in the form of someone close to her. Who is that person? For this, you have to watch the film.
Nayanthara is the sole performer in the film as she brings out the pathos and pain wonderfully. You feel so pity with her character that you will have tears in the eyes. That is the manner in which she convinces you in the role. The second half has more of Nayan and the way she goes about killing the rapists. Mammootty gives able support o Nayan and does his job well.
Overall analysis and technical overview:-
Director Saajan has a simple story but he deals with the film in a good way only from the second half onwards and leaves the second half completely. There is no story and so much of boring drama is evoked through Vasuki’s role. 
Mammootty being a senior actor does not have much to do and just roams around here and there. Women might like this film because of the subject matter but for those who like entertainment can skip this one for sure.
One Line Verdict:-
Only for second half