Review: Yuddham Saranam

Naga Chaitanya is back with yet another revenge drama called Yuddham Saranam which has hit the screens today. Read on to see whether the film gives Chay yet another hit in his career.
Arjun played by Chaitanya leads a very happy life with his family. He also falls in love with Anjali played by Lavanya and right when the moment he gets ready to reveal his love his parents, his life takes a u turn as his parents get killed. How will a young man who is shattered and left alone with his sisters take his revenge is the whole story.
Naga Chaitanya is the life of the film as his performance is the best in his recent films. With every film of his you can clearly see a growth and in this film too he performs very convincingly.
Rao Ramesh and Revathi do superb job as Chay’s parents. The couple look good together and bring the necessary emotions. Lavanya has nothing much to do and just plays a supporting role.
After a long time Srikanth plays a bad guy and he looks good but his role gets spoiled mid way by the director otherwise things would have Ben even better for the audience.
Technical Overview and overall analysis
Firstly the story is quite old and has nothing much to offer. The director manages to hold things well till the first half but makes things go haywire. The second half goes for a complete toss as Chay is let loose and he commits all the dead quite easily which look over the top.
Also the music composed is very bad and even worse is the background score which gets bogged down and does elevate proceedings one bit. Director Krishna fails with his first film as his narration is only half hearted.
Things will be quite tough for general audience who seek some entertainment which is completely lacking in this film. So we suggest you to keep your expectations in check and watch this film with an open mind and a lot of patience.
One line verdict.
Only for first half