RGV’s press meet today

High tension drama has been prevailing since Sunday over filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma‘s Lakshmi’s NTR press meet. RGV was boarded back to Hyderabad after the cancellation of his press meet. RGV now will be conducting press meet today, April 29 at Prasad Labs along with his lawyer to talk about the course of action regarding arrest, detention and forcible eviction from Vijayawada.

RGV’s Twitter post reads, “Press meet at 11.30 today at Prasad Labs along with my lawyer to talk about our further course of action regarding arrest, detention and forcible eviction from Vijayawada #LakshmisNTR”.

RGV’s arrest was condemned by all quarters including YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy among other leaders. RGV thanked Jagan for his gesture, I really appreciate YSRCP President Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy condemning ‘s arrogance ridden government action in Vijayawada of arresting me on #LakshmisNTR matter.

RGV dares CBN, Vijayawada police:

RGV now in his inimitable style has revolted and dares Chandrababu Naidu and Vijayawada police who apprehended him. The Rangeela director has now put forth 16 questions to Chandrababu and the Vijayawada police. He asked them to respond to his 16 questions within 16 hours, else he will move court. Check out his Twitter thread: