Salman’s bungalow caretaker held

The Mumbai police arrested the caretake of Slaman Khana’s bungalow in connection to a robbery case. The accused identified as Shakti Siddheshwar Rana has been arrested from Salman’s house in a three-decade-old theft case.

The accused along with his two accomplice was first arrested in 1990. The trio later got bail but upon the release,  Shakti never turned up for the court hearing which prompted the court to issue a non-bailble warrant. However, his whereabouts came to know by the police through a tip-off. The officials landed up at Gorai village and came to know that Shakti was residing there for the past 15-20 years. Soon after then they arrested him and were shocked to learnt that the bungalow where Shakti was working belonged to Salman Khan.