Short Film Review: Thank You Mitrama


Subhash (Getup Srinu) is a selfie freak. He takes a selfie and befriends with whomever he comes across with. He also has a rock band with his friends and one of his friends, Meera searches for a sponsor for their band’s concert. Meanwhile, Subhash comes across a guitar and while he is taking it home, strangely guitar starts speaking and calls him “Mitrama”. The guitar shares its story with Subhash. What’s that story? How can a guitar speak? You have to watch the film to know the answers.

Plus Points:

  • Performance of the actors
  • Background Music
  • Cinematography
  • Story and Screenplay

Minus Points:

  • Visual effects


Thank You Mitrama tries to convey that even if one fails in love, they shouldn’t lose their friendship. The director succeeds in conveying this message to the audience. Ravi, who is a well-known anchor, proves that he is also a good actor with this short film. This short film might help him to get some good roles in the feature films. Sri Mukhi who has acted in few films, shines in the role of a common girl. Getup Srinu impresses in a serious role and he suited perfectly to the character.

Director Rakesh Silver showcased exactly what he had in mind. Producer RK Nallam’s production values are a huge plus for this short film. Meanwhile, some section of audience may not get connected to the concept of a speaking guitar. Kathik Sharma’s music and Unni Krishnan’s camera work takes the film to next level. The vfx of the film could have been better. Overall, the short film will easily connect to the youth and is definitely a worth watch.

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