So low remuneration for Anushka?

Nayanthara tops the list of heroines in South India when it comes to remuneration. The only heroine who rivals her in popularity in South India is Anushka Shetty. So, one expects that her remuneration too is very high. But, despite having so much craze and popularity Anushka’s remuneration is surprisingly low.

Anushka Shetty Remuneration Will Shock You

She has just signed a film for Hemanth Madhukar under the banner of Kona Venkat. She has reportedly taken just Rs 1.25 crore as her remuneration. This is surprisingly low given the fact that even Kajal Aggarwal is commanding Rs 2 crore.

But, one thing must be said. Ever since she had that weight loss therapy in Europe, Anushka looks slim and more beautiful. If she takes up right projects, she is sure to climb up several notches in her career.

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