Sri Reddy: Raghava Lawrence Brought Girls To Resorts For Getting Intimate 

Controversial queen Sri Reddy has trained guns at choreographer-turned-director Raghava Lawrence yet again. Earlier, she had accused him of sexually exploiting promising her a role in film. Now confirming her statement, she released a whats App chat she had with one of her fans who had confirmed stating that he has seen Raghava Lawrence of bringing girls to resorts in Chennai for seeking pleasure. The actress posted the chat on her Facebook account. ” Hii Sri, Your rocking. Everybody knows about Raghava Lawrence and so his tactics won’t work here.  I myself have seen him with girls at a resort staying in Chennai,” the message reads. Check out the Whats App conversation between Sri Reddy and the other person:

Sri Reddy Confirms Raghava Lawrence Using Girls

Earlier, accusing Raghava, Sri Reddy posted on her Facebook, which reads, “I got to know Lawrence master through sm of my frds, that day we met in lobby in golkonda hotel, masabtank..he took me to his room..after I entered into the room I saw a guru raghavendra swami photo nd some rudrakshas nd all..I felt wow..after that he started the conversation that he came from a poor family and he like to help to newcomers nd all,I started to trust him..he said he is giving shelter to the many poor children..I was impressed..but slowly slowly he showed his true color..he asked me to show my belly,that nd this..strange part is stand nd tempt ur self in the mirror,do some romantic moves,do romance with the mirror..wats wrong wt him).. after dat he did a ride on .. ..he said immediately ur offer is confirm..but end part is very sad..I continued the friendship for some time,but bellamkonda became a villain in it..#tamilleaks (sic)”

On the work front, Sri Reddy‘s first Tamil film titled Reddy Dairy got launched. “Reddy Diary, a biopic will highlight the struggles of an aspiring actress and show how she is exploited by producers who promise her work. It will be directed by Tamil filmmaker Chithirai Selvan and will be released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi,” a source said.