Talk – TV industry after Rhea Chakraborthy

Noted actress, Rhea Chakraborthy has been in the limelight for the last few months ever since her boyfriend, Sushanth Singh Rajput passed away by hanging himself in his flat in Mumbai. The case is being handled by the CBI as of now and nothing has come out as of now.
 Rhea was left out on bail after staying in jail for one long month. A Mumbai-based tabloid reveals that Rhea has grown so popular that so many TV offers have been thrown at her now. Many of them are being offered to her are negative roles in TV serials. Many filmmakers want to rope her in and make use of her instant fame in their projects. Rhea is maintaining a very low profile and has been staying at home for the last few days. She has also started house hunting and now wants to start her life afresh.
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