Tanushree sister Ishita on #MeToo after effect

Actress Tanushree Dutta had spearheaded the #MeToo movement wherein women across from different walks of life came up with numerous sexual harassment case. Now her sister Ishita has spoken about the after effects and the change Me Too has brought in. “A movement can’t happen with just one person…and not just women, a lot of male actors have come together to support this. They are now acknowledging that harassment is a serious issue. People are ready to listen. That’s what has changed,” she said.

Ishita also adds that despite the traumatic incident Tanushree went through, the latter never demotivated her from joining showbiz. “She is one of the reasons why I joined the industry… She motivated me a lot. And now, a lot of women look up to her. They are so proud of her for speaking up and starting something which was so required,” said Ishita.